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Welcome to Quantum Supplier Portal

Thank you for your interest in becoming a supplier to Quantum. In the Quantum Supplier Portal, you will have a public profile that is visible in the QLeads database and allows potential Quantum customers to find your profile effortlessly. Maintaining a complete and updated profile gives our customers the information they need to determine whether they want to do business with your company. The better the profile, the better chances you have of landing new customers!

Register as a Supplier

You will need the following information to complete your registration. Please click Register now to begin the registration process.

  • Company name, DBA name, Federal Tax ID, Dun and Bradstreet number
  • Year established, revenue for the last 3 years, legal structure
  • NAICS/SIC codes, commodity/category codes, product/service description
  • Diversity certificate information, ethnicity, gender, ownership
  • Upload supplier documents

If you need help, please send an email to: Quantum Support (support@quantumsds.com)